TOP 4 things to do for business people in Berlin

TOP 4 things to do for business people in Berlin

Everybody knows how it is to be on a business trip and not having time to explore the city.

If this ever happened to you with Berlin, we have 4 small activities that we put together for you, which allow you to still get a glimpse oft he typical things to do in the German capital:

To do in Berlin

1. Currywurst

The most important thing on any business day is for sure the food! Not because working is hard, but because you need a break from time to time and refill your energy level on such an intense day. No need to go to a fancy restausant to enjoy this in Berlin. Take a break and get yourself a Currywurst. It is a Bratwurst or boiled sausage with tomato sauce aa little bit of curry powder on top. In addition, chips with mayonnaise and ketchup… and of course a cold beer with it. What more do you need?

2. Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten

You only have a few hours of time left before heading to the airport? Be it day or night, the Brandenburg Gate is always magnificent and unique to experience. If you have a little more time left, you can walk around the Tiergarten park and relax, or have a little historical tour around some of the most important memorials, which are located in the park. Don’t forget to also walk by the Reichstag.

3. Alexanderplatz

Easy to reach by S-Bahn or subway is the Alexanderplatz. Here, there of the Prussian past to discover, but rather Berlin’s recent past. This place will remind you of the division of the city during the Cold War. Time for a photo of the legendary TV tower and you have a nice memory to share with your friends and family. If you have more time, you should not miss the parade street of the GDR. The impressive Karl-Marx-Allee offers a mixture of socialist classicism at a length of 3 km and 90 meters widths.

4. From West to East – a bus ride on number 100

No time for tourism, but maybe for a bus ride. From Bahnhof Zoo Station, number 100 will bring you to Alexanderplatz. On the way you meet many important buildings of Berlin. You will depart from the former central station of West Berlin, also known as the venue featured in the book "Christiane F.", right next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It commemorates the destruction of World War II. The ride will lead you past the Berlin Zoo entrance, known as the Elephant Gate. A replica of the original elephant is standing here, which was destroyed in 1889 during the war. Next on the list, is the Tiergarten park, where you will see the House of the World's Cultures, the Brandenburg Gate and then the famous alley „Unter den Linden“. This beautiful ride ends with the Museum Island and Alexanderplatz. From here you will find a direct connections to the main train station and Tegel airport.

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