Conference hotels in Trieste

Conference hotels in Trieste

Italy's most north-eastern city, Trieste, is located right on the Slovenian border.

From here, it is also not far from Croatia and the Alpine Republic of Austria. The port extends across the entire Gulf and has always been a melting pot of different religions and cultures. The peculiarity? In the largest port city of the Habsburg K & K monarchy you could find absolute freedom of religion. A unique feature that is reflected in the city.

Conference hotels in Trieste - Austrian monarchy and Italian coffee culture

The empress Maria Theresa made of Trieste one the most important trading centers in Europe. From the 14th century until the end of World War I, it was part of the Austrian monarchy and its history is reflected in the city up until today. The town is characterized by the coexistence of the Slovene minority and the Italians. It turns Trieste into an island in Italy that historically has had little to do with the rest of the country.

Since the collapse of the former Yugoslavia, the city is flourishing again. The airport has been renovated and offers direct train access. Also, a new passenger port is being built and has become a hotspot for tourists along with Venice. The cruise ships dock right next to Piazza Unità, the main square. It is the heart of the city and impresses with its wonderful position, overlooking the sea.

The port city is known for its coffee specialties and is home to many well-known companies, including Illy and Hausbrandt coffee and the insurance companies Generali and Allianz.

Coffee and Trieste

The capital of the Austrian Monarchy, Vienna, is known for its coffee-house tradition and therefore it is no wonder that it also applied to Trieste. Directly on Piazza Unità, overlooking the sea, you will find one of the most beautiful coffee houses - the Caffè degli Specchi. Among the most historically relevant ones, there is also the Antico Caffè San Marco and the Caffè Tommaseo.

Due to its geographic location and proximity to the sea, sailing has an important tradition and you can still find the exclusive yacht clubs in the city center. For sailing enthusiasts who do not live on site, there are two port facilities, which offer a very special experience for recreation and meetings purposes. Organize your next conference or meeting in two unique locations.

The conference hotel Hotel Sanrocco is located in the city’s district of Muggia, offering exclusive meeting rooms and hotel rooms, overlooking the city and the sea. This place ensures a very special meeting experience for you and your group. On the other sea shore side, on the eastern part of Trieste, you will find the newly built Portopiccolo port facility. Absolute luxury, from the location to the spa. Make sure to enjoy an aperitif at sunset overlooking the Mediterranean - an absolute must and the perfect way to end your meeting. Make your meeting special and get inspired by the diversity of Trieste. Organize your next meeting in the capital of Central Europe.

For major conferences and congresses, you will also find the new Trieste Convention Center, which will open in 2020. Read more in our article by clicking here.

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